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Working around all world, using new technologies and incorporating all new resources of the most recent technology convergence devices and gadgets, we are the only  company worldwide that can count on experts available around the world through its own network of communication and work.

Our expertise is the Business Intelligence to serve projects, companies and development of new business affair.

Using the recent knowledge on crowdsourcing and the international network, under the world rules and legal policies in all countries (including local law system and international rules, legal accord about  avoid money laundry and  criminal origin of money or transfers related to this kind of money) we can offer more than 5,000  investors or lenders for every project, company or need in everyplace of global market.

We works using a owner technology, developed by our experts and that can offer best practices ( including the World Bank practices as official base) , Project Management Institute (as official procedures to project developments) and the expertise of thousands of persons and companies around the world that composes our network.

Founded in 1986 and registered in DACON (Data Consultant Bank) in World Bank  -DG Market  division in 2004, our company have more than two hundred years of cumulated expertise in our directors board .

Nowadays, our international organization have many different offices around the world, owner or associated, partnership or services supplier.

Using these network our organization has the opportunity for investments around all world, and we also have the opportunity for each company to achieve their goals using our resources and devices.

We promote the best approach between the investor and the industrial owner, using our business intelligence development  division to produce and present the best proposal to investor, and  to promote the adequate changes and  implements, that can turn each idea from the owner or promoter, in an international project under the international financial vision of banks and investors.

Using our crowdsource we can create the best team for costumer, joint low cost and high expertise using digital system to develop the adequate proposal and strategic business plan.

Our Business is the costumer satisfaction...

About Pardes Group

Pardes Group International is a worldwide company devoted to business development, Economic and Financial Engineering and Business Intelligence around the World.