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International Business Expertise

Our International Network cover 42 countries in that we have partnership or broker that can offer the most expressive local presence of our company.

During all day (24/7) we have one or more offices working for our costumers.

Covering all human knowledge, from agricultural affairs to high technology of nano particles,  or airspace sector,  our experts can offer the best choice in business intelligence in market of all world.

The Pardes Group crowdsource is more active than other work team in world.

You can  count with us in your business...

The internal notion of crowdsource is the soul of company and our international organization.

Using new technologies, our executive group develop a strategic business plan for each project, using a unique team, composite by experts of all world.

The technology convergence that exist today, turned possible the creation of a working team using persons and offices of many different places.

We can work with an Indian laboratory at same time in that another part of team are working in loco, inserted in a tropical forest in Brazil, and another part, as the financial department is receiving a real time information in London.

Just we can offer this opportunity for you....

We offer our services for costumers of many different places and origins.

From investors that need a good project to invest  ...

From an industrial owner that need financial resources to growth

Or an entrepreneur that have a great idea and need of industry to production and the financial resources to do that…

We can put into a same space (real or virtual)  the most important work force of world,  through by our network and using register data from  important  development groups of all the  world that work with us.

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